Women’s Issues

I started working with women’s issues as a counselor back in the late 1970’s. I had my own personal journey of course, being a young woman of the 70s, with the feminist movement, women’s Lib, the sexual revolution and equal rights for women. And I say amen to that! I was so privileged to work under the tutelage of some wonderful women who again took me under their wing, and taught me everything they knew.

After hundreds of hours, workshops, readings, and work on myself, I love working with the women who come to me with their situations. As I talked about in About Depression, I have had the privilege to actually work directly with theorist founders such as Marsh Linehan from DBT, Albert Ellis who founded RET, John Grey, who wrote Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (several workshops, week long) and the protégé of Insoo Berg who co-founded Solution Focused therapy, Terri Pinchot. In groups, individually, or in families, I have the experience to help you with your issues.


Let’s see if we can work together to improve your Issues!

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