Testimonials: What Judi’s Clients Are Saying

“I met Judi at a time in my life when I had lost all hope. Judi worked with me in the kindest, most loving way. She was very patient and never gave up on me. Very gently, she was able to help me open up and explore my life and what led up to the point I was currently at. Judi helped me see that there was hope and my life could not only get back on track but could be a better life than I had imagined. Even after treatment we have remained in contact. Judi is very passionate about her work as a therapist and I will be forever grateful for her help.” — P.W.

“My experience with Judi was like I had a best friend holding my hand through some very troubling times in my life. She knew how to guide me and helped me grow past a very painful situation. Not only was it an education, but I knew she was doing what she was called to do. She gave of her heart and I knew I could rest assured that I was on the right path. They say when the student is ready the teacher is there. Boy, so right when I met Judi. She was a Godsend, didn’t mess around, went right to work to help me sort the forest for the trees and before long my heart and soul were healed with the knowledge and wisdom she possessed. If you want a safe haven to get to work on your issues or find out what needs fixing, without hesitation I would recommend Judi as a kind, strong soul doing what she is called to do. Good work, good friend and good times ahead after my time with her. Can’t thank you enough Judi!. If you have any doubt in your life, she will guide you through your incredible journey. Brighter days ahead because of her. Thank you so much for all your expertise, love and enlightenment, Judi!” — H.Y.

“I first met Judi in 1996 when I was highly recommended to her by a friend. I was diagnosed with having depression and anxiety. In the time that I worked with Judi I found her to be very professional and knowledgeable. She helped me with my relationships and to realize that people were not “out to get me” in the workplace. She also helped me realize that depression can be a chemical imbalance of the brain. So then Judy helped me seek out a psychiatist and received a proper assessment. After getting medications and participating in many sessions, I am fairly stable. I owe her alot — if it were not for Judi and her way of making you feel – like you can talk to her, to work things out – I may not even be here. Judi saved my life.” – S.R.

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