About Addiction Counseling

  • Alcohol, marijuana and all other drugs
  • Experienced CAC III since 1988
  • Licensed professional counselor since 2000

Whether you’re just beginning your exploration of issues with alcohol or you know you have a problem, I have been there to help countless numbers of peers make a decision for themselves, and if they have the desire, get clean and sober. What if getting sober isn’t enough?

Sober but Struggling?

Suicidal? Still struggling? Having thoughts of using? Relapsing? Unhappy? Anxious? Can’t sleep? Post-acute withdrawal syndrome? Overwhelmed?

Therapy can help you sort things out, offer professional help that a friend or sponsor isn’t equipped to deal with. My style of therapy is to help you find what’s best for you in your life, without advice giving or telling you what to do. I do offer feedback about how I view your individual situation, and what skills and tools may be effective to change.

Let’s see if we can work together to improve your addiction!

“You have to do something different to get different results.” – Anonymous